Sports and Arts
Kalaimagal believes that physical development of the child is equally important for the child as academics. Special emphasis is laid on development of fitness and age appropriate growth. The school provides a well laid out outdoor playground. The sports offered are, , football, cricket, athletics, badminton and yoga. The school employs professional coaches who have the where expertise and passion. Children are trained and prepared for intra and inter school competitions.

The school provides ample opportunities for dance,  music,   drama,  drawing,   painting
and other. The school provides ample opportunities for dance, music, drama, drawing, painting and other kinds of crafts. This is to ensure the development of overall personality by encouraging skills, creative thinking, communication skills, gross and fine motor skills etc. As children work together, it results in caring, sharing, working in teams, coordination and leadership.

Scouts & Guides
To instill service mindedness and self-discipline in children, one unit each of Scouts and Guides has been established. Teachers in charge have undergone Basic and Advance training courses. Besides attending camps, Scouts and Guides do a great service in school functions by guiding children in an orderly fashion. Children from standards VI and above can join in Scouts and Guides.